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If you have an emergency


ESD 11 operates a fleet of 40 advanced life support ambulances licensed by the state of Texas. The ambulances are staffed with experienced Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s).

Our ambulance fleet is outfitted with the latest in life-saving medical equipment and supplies.

  • All gasoline fleet, with 40 ambulances on Ford F-450 Super Duty Chassis with a 7.3 liter “Godzilla” powerplant.
  • All ambulances are equipped with the ZeroRPM idle mitigation system to increase efficiency and chassis lifespan.
  • One of the highest safety ratings of all EMS vehicles for patient and crew safety in cases of accident and/or rollover.
  • Many integrated safety systems, including full-time 360 degree cameras, redundant A/C systems (with no generator necessary), and four-point restraint systems for patient and crew members in the back.
  • Auto-loading stretchers increase provider and patient safety by power assisting the patient into the vehicle.

Our ambulances were built in collaboration with AEV, an emergency vehicle manufacturer based out of North Carolina.

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Our full-time fleet maintenance staff works to ensure the safety, efficiency, and reliability of our fleet. In addition to all the scheduled maintenance performed on each vehicle in the fleet, each day our fleet staff conducts pre-trip truck inspections, which include a full 360-degree visual inspection, fluid, electrical, mechanical, and tire pressure checks. In the event of a mechanical issue while the ambulance is in service or on a call, our fleet staff will respond to make repairs roadside, or will deliver a replacement ambulance to the crew so they can remain in service.