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Harris County ESD 11

New Ambulance Service For North Harris County To Commence Operations September 1, 2021

SPRING, TEXAS – Harris County Emergency Services District No. 11 Mobile Healthcare, will officially commence operations at 7:00 AM on September 1, 2021.

Harris County ESD 11 Mobile Healthcare was created with one important mission in mind: To provide world-class emergency medical services to more than 600,000 ESD 11 residents who live across 177 square miles of North Harris County.

“The entire ESD 11 Mobile Healthcare team is very excited for our upcoming launch on September 1st. Each and every member of our team is very passionate about taking care of our community by providing quality emergency healthcare”, said Doug Hooten, Chief Executive Officer of Harris County ESD 11 Mobile Healthcare.

Here’s what it means for the taxpayers, residents and visitors of the district:

More for Less

Current projections suggest ESD 11 could save as much as $6 million per year by operating its own ambulance system. ESD 11 will operate nine more ambulances than the previous provider, and will do so at a significantly lower cost.

A Higher Standard

ESD 11 Mobile Healthcare is ready to set a higher standard for emergency care and response. The district has created innovative systems that will dramatically improve response times and provide a better patient experience.

Service Centralized

ESD 11 Mobile Healthcare will be operated from a new 43-acre, state-of-the-art campus located at 18334 Stuebner Airline Road in Spring. The new campus is under construction and is scheduled to be completed by early 2022. ESD 11 is currently operating in a temporary deployment center located at 4111 Kreinhop Road while construction of the permanent campus is completed. By centralizing operations, ESD 11 will increase efficiency, decrease costs and ultimately provide the residents of ESD 11 a higher quality mobile healthcare service. The new campus will house an ambulance deployment center, communications center, a fleet maintenance facility, and an administration building.

Cutting Edge

ESD 11 Mobile Healthcare will have a fleet of 40 new state-of-the-art ambulances which are outfitted with the latest in emergency medical technology.

The transition of service from the outgoing provider to Harris County ESD 11 Mobile Healthcare will happen at exactly 7:00 AM on September 1st.